Since 1994

Intrapid White Water River Rafting was started in 1994 by Alex Rose to create the most enjoyable pristine white water river rafting tours in the most beautiful and sensational surrounds within Southern Africa.

Beautiful sensational surrounds

Closer to the vision

Enjoyable and exclusive river rafting tours.

Intrapid Rafting has progressed in leaps and bounds through unbridled commitment and enthusiasm. The constant development of new programs and spending on infrastructure, and more than ten years of focus on the perfection of operations has resulted in thoroughly enjoyable and almost exclusive river rafting tours.


The Camel Challenge

Alex Rose has participated in all International Rafting Federation Camel Challenge events held in Zimbabwe on the Zambezi, in South Africa on the Orange and in Costa Rica on the Lower Pacuare River. His positions included: safety kayaker, general assistant, oar-boat CPR back-up, and rigger. From the Camel Challenge events, Alex has brought back the newest ideas and the latest in developments, to a developing South Africa.



In rafting, inflatable boats of various sizes, ranging from one-man to six-man rafts, are used, on rivers up to class five. Intrapid Rafting only uses inflatable craft.


No water feature is compulsory

Rivers are graded from one to seven, however a water feature with a grade of class seven is commercially unrunnable. Hence the higher the rating, the greater the potential risk. Bear in mind that no water feature is compulsory and the option to walk around almost any feature exists on most rivers.


Moderate fitness

No canoeing or rafting experience is necessary for most of our trips, however moderate fitness is required for rivers exceeding class two. Comfort in water is essential in rivers exceeding class three.


Transport in the vicinity is sub-contracted in a bid to enhance Eco-Tourism. Intrapid, once in the vicinity, absorbs the cost and responsibility of all logistics.


24 is an optimum group size

Although there is no maximum restriction on the number of people allowed on our river trips we like to keep our groups smaller than 30 people in order to maintain a personalized atmosphere. The optimum number of people per river trip is 24, excluding guides. A ratio of one guide for every 6 to 8 guests, depending on the water level is maintained. For private groups there is a minimum limit of 15 guests, there is no maximum restriction whatsoever in these cases.


Dates are available on all rivers any time of the year subject to water levels.


Bon appetit!

Our menu was designed with the help of six of the best chefs in Cape Town. It is consequently of a high gastronomical standard. We can provide all meals on the river. Beverage and alcohol preferences can be purchased in the vicinity. Cooler boxes are provided.